Shard Locations

1. Resting place of the absent King
Facing himself for eternity

2. Smallest piece, ever watchful
It roams around Sinear’s remains

3. Still and circling simultaneously
where the three roads meet

4. Scattered in with trash and treasure
deep in Koego’s forgotten lair

5. In the belly of the middle Mouth
sleeping on a silken bed

6. Deep within where Jaydwin fell
hiding among lesser brothers

7. Venerated in the southern heights
wrapped in the natural shaped unnatural

8. Down the ledge of the uncut face
In the safe place behind the curtain

9. Encased in life, Death cannot grasp it;
one among many that stand separate from the rest

10. Crown of the white queen
where Brawin enters the Mists

11. Surrounded by the shattered minds of Sidis
Treasured but unacknowledged

12. At the teeth of Sinet
fallen through the cracks

13. In Gallella, where the door opened
clutched in black fingers

14. In the cage of the Five Monsters,
held by the lock that secures their chains

Shard Locations

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